There I was yesterday afternoon craving a Spanish red wine to sit down and enjoy that evening while watching the soccer, I wasn’t looking for anything overly expensive, as we all know how dear Spaniards can turn out to be a dud or total flops, don’t we Mr. Ancelotti, £50 Million and yet to score!!!

Throwing my eyes at the Spanish shelves in the shop, my eye was drawn to our organic Spanish reds, and the Vina los Valles 50 + 50, this is a wine I’d not had in a while as I have been avoiding Rioja recently, God knows why but I decide this was the wine for me. This wine is produced by the relatively young Bodega Viníco Real, founded in 1989 in the La Rioja Alta Region, with the aim of producing great wines from single vineyard sites with bags of personality.

What makes this wine extra special is oddly for red Rioja it contains NO TEMPRANILLO, the main red grape of Rioja. It is a blend of 25-year-old organically grown Garnacha and Graciano, 50% of each, hence the 50+50 name.  The wine itself is deep cherry red in colour with soft violet hues around the edges. Ripe red fruits with spicy and minty tones of a leathery note dominate the nose. The palate is meaty and silky smooth in the  mouth with a long creamy smooth and spicy finish. Chalk up another winner from Spain this week and unlike Los Galácticos, it didn’t cost the price of a small debt ridden country!