So a good long while back I did a blog on how climate change might be affecting wine, and essentially what wine makers might be looking for in their new areas! Well it turned out I wasn’t wrong and some have even started making the move. One of the first to start looking to new and exciting places are Brown Brothers- and guess where they’re buying up land??? Thats right Tasmania! So why here? well its quite simple really- its cool (as in climate wise, not smoking cigarettes around the back of the school when you were in your teens cool!)  Which is perfect for???  Yes, Pinot Noir and also Chardonnay! Which makes for some nice sparkling wine coming from Tasmania. So why Back to the Future? Well it was actually one of the first regions in Australia to be planted with vines and it was even the source of some of the vines for victoria… you could say they’re going back to their ROOTS…. huh?? get it??? roots?? as in plant… like grapevine…. Anywaysssss…. It’s still interesting to see not only big companies making this move, but also to see how public they are being about it… Things must be getting pretty bad when producers are actually moving… But at least they can… The old world will have to change some of its rules if it wants to keep up with this whole global warming thing! Anyways you can read the article here! enjoy! chat to ye soon!