As many of you who have been into the shop of late will have noticed we have a new range of Cordials from our Friends at Belvoir Fruit Farms. These include a lovely Blackcurrant and Cox apple flavour, along with the always loved cranberry and ginger cordials, and the highly sought after Lime and Lemon grass, which grew legs and walked out the door during our summer (otherwise known as that hot spell we had in April!). The most popular and most requested one how ever has only just arrived over the weekend; the Organic Elderflower Cordial.

Quench that Thirst

And what better way to celebrate than with cocktails, here’s on from South Tyrol in Northern Italy called Hugo. It’s very simple all you need is 1 bottle of Prosecco, 1 bottle of Elderflower cordial, some fresh mint and some Lemon or lime. Preparation is easy fill a glass with some Elderflower cordial, top up with the Prosecco and added mint and Lemon wedge.  Careful though this drink can be extremely adicitive on warm days!