And that's only a very small selection!

 Does wine taste better in certain glasses?  Apparently your palate can become   confused if you’re sipping wine from the wrong glass? Supposedly, the wine doesn’t produce the correct aromatics and the it enters the mouth and floods the wrong receptors on the tongue! But with the appropriate glass, the true make-up of a varietal can be shot to the proper section of your tongue to immediately introduce you to bitter, sweet, sour, or salty. Now having spent a day last week tasting 20 or so wines out of the same glass I can say with full conviction after a while wine starts to taste distinctly wine like with only bitter and sweet flavours coming out. But I’d say this had more to do with the amount tasted than the glass which we were using! But maybe there is something to the science of specific glasses for specific wines otherwise Riedel would be in trouble but for me, I think I’ll stick with my basic Bordeaux style glass unless some kind folks out there would like to send me some of Riedel’s extensive glassware collection.