Typical day in the Cotes du Rhain aka Galway

What with all of the horrible wintery weather we have had of later we were thinking of diversifying and stocking coats, wellies and umbrellas. But thankfully (and i say that with a lot of doubt) the sunshine appears to have finally grace us with its presence just in time for June. So hopefully the only coats on our minds will be the lovely wines of cotes duRhone.

And the sun literally began to shine today as we opened the first box of our new Cotes du Rhone, maybe Jean-Pierre the winemaker, had them box a little of the warm Rhone Sunshine to be released when we opened the cases of wine.

Anyway enough about our terrible weather and a little info on the wines, the range is called Ferme  du Saint Antonin. It all started in 1980 when Jean-Piere over the family property in southern Jonquières which had, at that time, various crops planted, vegetables and grapevines.

Through the years, more vineyard was added, and today Josy & Jean-Pierre Allemand have 4.5 hectares in (new) AOC “Plan de Dieu”, 4.5 hectares in Côtes du Rhône. in heavy, large pebble, rolled quartz stone soil, sitting atop clay-limestone bedrock. Manual harvest, low yield, these wines have more impressive structure, fruit and purity than most Châteauneuf-du-Papes on the market today.

What makes this particular brand all the more attractive is the husband and wife team: Very charming, polite and genuine, just like the wines they make.