It’s a pretty well-known fact at this stage that when you are deprived of one sense the others compensate and become much more receptive so you get a picture of whats around you! Pretty basic stuff right and the Blind tasting works in a pretty similar fashion… except of being deprived of sight (despite what the name says) you are actually being deprived of any pre conceived notions about the wine.

You need nothing fancier than a brown paper bag - and Presto Blind Tasting

If I may  for a moment- the power of suggestion is a pretty powerful thing… as we all very well know, but when it comes to wine there are so many factors that can affect a persons impression of a wine- price, region, variety, winemaker etc. So the only way to safe guard against all of this is to remove them. Experiments back this up- Frédéric Brochet gave two samples of the same wine to a group of people only one bottle was labeled cheap table wine and the other with a grand cru thing! Guess what the results were- yes even though it was the same wine the claimed the more expensive was by far and a way much better! Now this isn’t all that conclusive… but what is really interesting is when he gave people a white wine he got the usual white wine description fresh, dry, honeyed, lively… but after dying it red he got a totally different description  intense, spicy, supple, deep… so you see the power of suggestion is a pretty powerful thing!

So you see why they’re important- in fact to qualify for Italy’s DOCG classification you have to pass a blind tasting! Which is pretty intense!