With the Rugby World Cup around the corner and Joyce Austins Tasting in store tomorrow, I’m going to devout this post to the All White Nation. It is ironic that the nation known as the All Blacks should make their name in the wine world, with white wine, namely Sauvignon Blanc. I know the do very well with Pinot Noir, and other reds but it is Sauvignon Blanc where the Kiwi’s excel. And far from being a one trick pony, the have also produce some top Rieslings and Chardonnays, and even some gorgeous Pinot Blancs.

But its New Zealand Sauvignon, that gets people salivating. With Crisp Zingy acidity, wonderful flavours ranging from freshly cut grass, to gooseberry, tropical fruits and even that most desirous of aromas cats pee!! There are some cracking examples of New Zealand Sauvignons out there, so don’t get to wrapped up in one style try them all and imagine the wonderful summer that’s coming!!