The ‘Scariazzo‘ is made from the fiano grape; a variety, indigenous to Irpini area in southern Italy , and some times called the Apiana grape, since bees (api) preferred it for its sweetness. The wine is made in strict accord with Rivera’s long experience and its determination that the wine be the authentic expression of its variety and of its terroir. The name of the wine ‘scariazzo’, is the traditional local barrel-vaulted building used to pen sheep. These constructions, which served as stopping-places for the flocks during their annual movements, are a symbol of the pastoral economy that flourished in northern Puglia until the late 19th century. The wine is a deep straw yellow; with a rich, complex bouquet with smoky nose. The minerally slate classic finish of fiano rounds out a multi-layered and fruity palate with an acidity that balances all components.


The wines of the Chinon AOC, in the Loire Valley are made of Cabernet Franc, a bit player in Bordeaux but a grape that comes in to its own here in the cool climate. The wine is a beautiful combination of the best grapes and thoughtful modern wine making techniques.  It is a modern Loire Cabernet Franc, with its lip-smacking, bountiful red fruit and spice, this quencher of  thirst. It might as well come with a “Drink Me” label around its neck. Aromas remind of wildflowers, violets and heather and white pepper, with touches of earth and small red berries. The mouth is vibrant and fresh, with juicy persistence and lively notes of red berries. Very, very appealing!