What with all the new wines and different varietals we have gotten in the last while I haven’t tried a nice bottle of Cabernet in a long time. But that all changed last night. A new Burger restaurant has opened up the street from the shop and the have a BYOB policy (Bring your own wine). No corkage, just open your wine and enjoy, they even supply the glasses. Anyway I decide to visit the restaurant in question and as I was meeting a few friends who are pretty obsessive about Cabernet; so my choice was made for me, O’Leary Walker Cabernet Sauvignon.

Talk about an over looked red, I had completely forgotten how good this wine is, 100% Clare valley fruit from Polish Hill River and Armagh districts. Some of the vines are 50 years old and you can tell. This is a really honest and straight up red wine, aromas of rich redberry fruits with inviting hints of mint and spice. Simpler than Bordeaux or even Coonawarra Cabernet, but with a warmer more friendly nose, that promise ease of drinking and depth of flavour.

Indeed, it’s not a wine of enormous impact. Not because there isn’t good intensity, there is. But it feels just right in the mouth acid and tannin are quite prominent but balanced in great harmony. No one area dominating the other. Pretty focused through the middle palate, this wine narrows through the back of the mouth red and black berry flavours hold sway until a finish of vanilla oak. This wine is brilliantly drinkable and quite attractive in its unassuming way. A great way to fall in love with Cabernets again!!