3 Bright, dry  and sunny days called for a bit of celebration and how better than to relax in the garden with a lovely bottle of chilled white wine.  And what better than a bottle of Rivera Bombino Bianco. The new Vintage 2010 has been in for nearly two weeks and people have been going crazy for it. Sunshine and wine how better to spend an August Sunday! If you are not familiar with Bombino Bianco, it’s a grape variety found in southern Italy, specifically around the Puglia region. Rivera are one of the leading producers in Puglia and their ‘Marese’ Bombino Bianco comes from the Castel del Monte region.  The region is named for the 13th century Castle on a hill that dominates the centre of the region. Many different grapes are grown in this district but one of the most interesting, we think anyway, is Bombino Bianco, and that’s its real name! As with many other grapes in the south of Italy it is prone to over cropping because of the hot weather conditions but when treated right, well it produces some lovely wines.

While many producers in Puglia sought high yields during the last century, many of the producers in Castel del Monte instead chased quality over quantity. This is obvious from the minute one opens a bottle of Rivera Bombino Bianco. Aromas of orchard fruits, green apples and pear abound; with a of  hot-house of white florals and a touch of minerality. The palate is light and fresh, with clean acidity that you wouldn’t expect from such a hot climate, and flavours that come true are crunchy pear and apple with nice length on the finish. Simple put this wine is the BOMB!!!