Today is the first national Potato day- yes a day devoted completely to the humble spud.  I mean, who doesn’t love Spuds?  But do we the people of Ireland need a day to celebrate the one food that is most associated with us! Well apparently the answer is yes. Just in case you have forgotten how lovely spuds are, they are encouraging us to have at least one spud today. I will producing my delicious bangers and mash, mmmmm.  Top 3 Bangers and mash wines: 1) Sangiovese, nice Chianti or Rosso Di Montalcino, great with spicy Sausages, 2) Big Jammy Zin, if you have some like a lovely red onion jelly and 3) Argentinian Malbec, what can I say they’re meat wines!

But most importantly don’t forget the humble spud today! After where would we be with out Mister Potato or even his cousin Mister Tayto.