First off let me apologise to all my avid readers, you know who you are (mam, dad and lexi[our pet staffie]) for the lack of post last week. As some of you who have been in the shop over the weekend will have noticed we have finish the great trans-shop-floor migration of wine. Basically we have swapped over the wines from the new world with the wines from the old world, confused well so are we and we did the moving. I’d need 7 hands to count the amount of times, I was asked for Pinot Grigio and went to the old shelf!! However if it was Malbec you where after I could point you there instantly funny how some wines and their locations stick in your head.

Anyway enough about the reason for the inactivity last week and on to something more interesting for you my good readers, this Saturday is International Grenache day. And to aid in the celebration every day this week, even thursday (AKA Arthur’s Day) we’ll dedicate a post on the blog to this hard-working and tireless grape! Here are just a few fun facts to whet you appetite:

1) Grenache is one of if not the most widely planted grape for red wine production.

2) The Grenache grape is available in all three colours red (Grenache Noir), pink (Grenache Gris), and white (Grenache Blanc).

3) It ripens very let and loves heat like south of France, Spain, Australia and California.

4)It is frequently blend as in Chateaunuef-du-Pape and other Cotes du Rhone Blends and their New World imitators GSM.

5) It’s most common blending partners are Syrah/Shiraz and Mourvedre/Matro.