The Clock Tower at Yalumba

With Jane Ferrari, kindly and informative and entertaining us this evening through a section of Yalumba wines (more to follow tomorrow), we decide to give a little background on Australia’s Oldest Family Owned Winery.

Yalumba was founded in 1849 by Samuel Smith, English emigrant and brewer,  who brought his family to Australia seeking a new life. After purchasing a  30-acre parcel of land just beyond the southern-eastern boundary of Angaston, in the Eden Valley, Samuel named his  patch “Yalumba” – aboriginal for “all the land around”. Six generations and more  than 150 years later Yalumba, has grown  in size and stature, embodying all things that have made  Australian wine a success  story.

 Yalumba wines have developed a style all of  their own over the years, each wine has been influenced by a diverse range of elements. Yalumba has a Vine Nursery and  on-site cooperage, making it quite unique among Aussie wineries.  Yalumba is a place where history & tradition combine with  innovation. Robert Hill-Smith, the 5th Generation owner of Yalumba is on of the main driving force behind this combination, constantly striving for new innovation and new techniques. Yalumba have an excellent range from the affordable and consistent Y-series wines up to their fine wines like ‘The Signature’ , ‘The Virgilus’ and ‘The Octavius’.