Novello Launch – Tigh Neachtain 10-11-11

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We will be Launching our first wine from the 2011 vintage on Thursday 10th of November, in conjunction with our near neighbours Tigh Neachtain on Quay Street. The evening will kick off @ 5p.m and run till 8p.m A great chance to try something different. Vino Novello is a fresh easy-going red wine produce straight after the harvest and is officially launched on November 6th in Italy.

More details to follow on the evenings festivities.


We’ve hit 250 posts! And theres more to come!

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This is a 250th blog posting and we’d just like to thank all of you out in the blogosphere for tuning in and out to our ramblings over the last 249 post. We have plenty more rants, ravings and useful/useless information to share with you. A big thanks from us, and now down to the serious business the rantings.

With the day of witches, ghouls and ghost nearly upon us we have 20% off 20 wines in the shop and there are a couple of standout wines but the contender for best buy in our opinion is the 2006 O’Leary Walker Shiraz Viognier. A very limited wine only produced in certain vintages from a blend of 97% Shiraz and 3% viognier which is hand crushed into the Shiraz before the juice is co-fermented this wine is the essence of handmade! A floral perfume and heaps of spice on the inviting bouquet. The palate is silky and super smooth with rich warming berry flavours, hints of chocolate and spice. The finish is superb, alluring with a lingering velvety blackberry flavours. Just the wine to crack open and celebrate our 250th blog posting!!!


Ghoulishly good wines

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We have 20% off Twenty wines as part of our Spooktacular Halloween Promotion. So will the kids have their treats on the spooky evening, we adults can treat ourselves too! We have everything from New Zealand Sauvignon blanc @€10.36 to stunning Rioja Crianza @ €11.36, Sancerre now €14.36 and a Super Veronese wine in the Ripasso style with €3.59 0ff. There is something for every taste.

Heads up ‘Christmas Wine Fair’ 2011

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Heads up Folks our Christmas wine Fair will be on the evening of

 Thursday 24th of November

The Hotel Meyrick,

Eyre Square,


We’ll have over 100 wines open on the evening with plenty of knowledgeable folks about including a winemaker or two!

More details to follow!


we didn’t what to do it really!

The Scent of a Women is about to Change!!

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gallo rose nail wraps Scent of a woman    and a wine    through her nail wrapsThese wine inspired nail wraps, that add to the mystique of a women by giving her aromas of an inviting Merlot Rosé. The pink appliqués come from Gallo Family Vineyards to support their new Merlot rosé in the UK.  Here’s what their marketing spokesperson had to say:

Nail wraps are the latest craze to hit the beauty industry. By producing the first ever scented version we have created an innovative marketing vehicle that will allow us to engage with women outside of the wine aisle, ensuring maximum visibility for the brand and ultimately driving sales.

We might have our selection in for christmas! 😉

Breaking the code!

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You could ber forgiven for thinking that wine critics talk a load of manure! After all they’re job is to go around drinking wine- and I don’t know about you but definitely after a few glasses of wine I find it difficult not to start talking a lot of crap!t myself! But believe it or not there is method to their madness. Essentially they have created a little language of their own, which actually makes sense because as we’re always saying everyone’s palate is different so you kind of need to have adjectives which have definite meanings when describing wine.

Now- I certainly don’t confirm to these definitions when I’m at a wine tasting, and I don’t think you should have to either, but it certainly is useful to understand what people mean. That is why we have tasting notes in the shop, so you can try to figure out which wine you like the sound of especially if you’re exprimenting. A fellow blogger ‘The Winephatom’ has an amusing section where he decodes the tasting notes on the bottles.  The important thing to remember is that the tasting  notes are their as guides, so if it tells you its got tobacco leaf flavours and all you taste is juicy red currants and a slight clove note, you both can be right the important thing is that you enjoy the bottle and that the tasting note aided you in choosing a bottle you enjoyed. It’s not a word search where you have to identify all the flavours and aromas mentioned in the tasting note!

Wet, Wintery – It’s Ripasso Time!!!

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In the late 20th century, a new style of wine known, appeared in the Valpolicella area of Italy; Known as Valpolicella Ripasso  (meaning “repassed”). It wasn’t until about the 1980s that commercial wines under the Ripasso name were available. With this technique, the leftover grape skins and seeds from the fermentation of Recioto and Amarone wines are added to the batch of Valpolicella wines for a period of extended maceration (the process where wine gets its colour and tannins among other things). This additional grape skins and seeds, also helps the wine to ferment to a higher level of alcohol, closer to that of Amarone. It also contributes to the wine’s complexity, flavor and color. As the demand and production of Amarone has increased in recent years, so too has the demand for Ripasso! The wine is considered by many a baby Amarone  or 2nd wine to it. When the style first became popular in the late 20th century, it was rarely noted on the wine label. There was also debate about whether it was even permitted to be included under DOC regulations for Valpolicella. Usually if it was mentioned at all it was relegated to the back label wine description notes. Today the term Ripasso now has a DOC of its own. Our Staff Favourite Monte Zovo Ripasso is on offer at the minute @ €15 per bottle, an absolute steal! Just the wine for this rotten weather, big warm flavours plummy red fruits and cocoa notes, delightful wine one it’s one by the fire our pair with hearty beef and lamb dishes.

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