As many people will have noticed we changed around the positions of the bottles in our shelves about two weeks ago, why did we do this you may ask? the Reason is pretty simple, we needed the space as we have a whole host of New arrivals due between now and the new year somewhere in the order of 30 new wines. But I’m not gonna bore you with details of all of them, just a few that have become staff and customer favourites in the last 2 weeks.

First up is a lovely Aglianico for Rivera in Castel del Monte.  Aglianico is a red variety found all over southern Italy, and is most famous for the wines of Tuarasi in Campania. The name derives from the word Ellenico, meaning Greek, possibly betraying the grapes origins! It normally produces deep brooding reds with good acidity and Tannin and Rivera’s ‘Cappellaccio Risevra’ is no different. A deep jeweled ruby tone, this well-crafted wine is aged 12 months in French oak and a further 12 in bottle. Perfumed with spicy floral and herbal aromas, ripe plum, berry fruit and earthy tones, the wine is robust and well structured.  Dry, medium-full bodied, the succulent berry fruit is matched with fresh acidity and firm tannins that underline the lengthy dry finish. There’s lots of life in this wine! One for the Italian lover or the adventurous.

The other wine we seen people go crazy for is Altes Garnacha Blanca from Terra Alta in Spain.(Catch up on Grenache with some of our posts from the end of last month.) This wine is made from the white mutation of the Grenache grape. An unoaked wine, vinified on its lees in small tanks. Jasmine, a hint of tropical fruits, and honey inform the nose of this terrific value white. On the palate it is nicely proportioned, spicy, and surprisingly lengthy. Not for everybody but certainly well worth a punt @ €11.95