You could ber forgiven for thinking that wine critics talk a load of manure! After all they’re job is to go around drinking wine- and I don’t know about you but definitely after a few glasses of wine I find it difficult not to start talking a lot of crap!t myself! But believe it or not there is method to their madness. Essentially they have created a little language of their own, which actually makes sense because as we’re always saying everyone’s palate is different so you kind of need to have adjectives which have definite meanings when describing wine.

Now- I certainly don’t confirm to these definitions when I’m at a wine tasting, and I don’t think you should have to either, but it certainly is useful to understand what people mean. That is why we have tasting notes in the shop, so you can try to figure out which wine you like the sound of especially if you’re exprimenting. A fellow blogger ‘The Winephatom’ has an amusing section where he decodes the tasting notes on the bottles.  The important thing to remember is that the tasting  notes are their as guides, so if it tells you its got tobacco leaf flavours and all you taste is juicy red currants and a slight clove note, you both can be right the important thing is that you enjoy the bottle and that the tasting note aided you in choosing a bottle you enjoyed. It’s not a word search where you have to identify all the flavours and aromas mentioned in the tasting note!