The huge, sprawling stretch of Mediterranean coast between Spain and the Southern Rhone Valley is one of the most dynamic and innovative of Frances many wine-producing areas in the last couple of decades. The area produces roughly more wine than all of Australia! Some of it very, very good and some of it poor, it is a quagmire of appellations some better than others but one of our personal favourites is St. Chinian in Languedoc.

Saint Chinian is located north of Béziers city. Vineyards lay in coteaux, meaning that they cover one side of the hills, the ones facing at the sea. Saint Chinian is famous since the 14th century although the first vine was planted during the 9th century. Saint Chinian is usually more tannic than other Languedoc red wines. However some skillful wine makers manage to compensate with a delicate and full flavor wine. With the quality still improving, Saint Chinian is definitely an appellation to try.

We have two wines from Chateau Veyran in St. Chinian, the First is a straight St. Chinian, made up of a blend of Syrah, Grenache is divine, full, robust and packed full of dark red fruit flavours and hints of chocolate, it’s a perfect winter warmer. The other is a the ‘La Rigaille’ is sourced from The Chateau’s St.Chinian vineyard and neighbouring vineyard outside the appellation and is therefore labeled only as Languedoc, but again the quality of the fruit and winemaking can be seen clearly, this wine is 80% Syrah, 10% Grenache and 10% Mourvedre, with an earthy, dusty, dark fruit nose and a full palate that is a little gritty but with excellent depth of rich fruit. A must try as it’s on sale at the minute for €11.96. Check out what Languedoc has to offer!