We love this wine! We could drink glass after glass of this during the summer, but it works great as an aperitif at Christmas or even with lighter desserts. We are always surprised by how overlooked it seems to be. Made in Piedmont in north-west Italy from, as you might have guessed, the Moscato bianco grape, its taste is typically reminiscent of ripe orange-fleshed melons, nectarines and blossom, it has an uplifting perfume and although sweet it isn’t a syrupy, viscous drink but light and refreshing, a real perker-upper.

Far be it from us to entice anyone into daytime drinking but if you do feel like a drink of an  afternoon over the Christmas then this would be a relatively harmless and delicious thing to choose. It goes particularly well with apricot or mango tarts oozing with creme patisserie or good old sherry trifle.