Well its  a great little river really when you get down to it! Starting in Spain and flowing right through Portugal to the sea. But that’s not all it does – oh no! No, it also provides pretty damn perfect conditions for wine growing in Spain and Portugal! We are lucky to have a whole range of new arrivals in the shop grown on the banks of this mighty  river. The Douro region in Portugal lays claim to being the worlds oldest designated and delineated area for the production of wines.

We are fortunate to be able to deal directly with four small family run wineries in the Douro, the first if you were paying attention a few weeks back is Quinta Das Bajancas, the others are Brites Agular, Quinta dos Pocos and finally Quinta do Soque. Each one of these wineries is committed to the preservation of Douro tradition and history along with producing highly prized wines from the local grape varieties. My own personal favourites include the Bajancas Tinto and Reserva and the delightful Quinta dos Pocos Reserva with its pretty label. This is an elegant french styled red packed with flavour and gentle tannins.