With the New Years eve festivities nearly upon us many of our thoughts turn to sparkling wine and while we all have our favourites, the recent popularity of Prosecco and the enduring delight at champagne have led to Cava, the wonderful sparkling spanish wine being overlooked. Many people  the have heard of Prosecco and James Bond has done a great job of introducing us to Champagne but Cava has been less championed. In fact many people simply blindly ignore it as cheap Spanish swirl, tut tut. For the New Year’s we are offering 2 bottles of Rimarts Brut Reserva Cava for €30 thats a saving €5.90 or for those of you into percentages it’s a little over 16% OFF.

Rimarts was founded in 1987 by Ricardo Martínez de Simón, who decided to produce high quality hand crafted cavas. Located in the heart of Catalonia’s Cava producing area with its Bodega and Cellars at  Sant Saduní d’Anoia. All the cava’s are hand riddled and disgorged to ensure quality.  Rimarts have opted for hand disgorging over machine disgorging because when the bottlenecks are frozen with machines, a tiny amount of the dead yeast cells and ice remain in the bottle and are carried over to the final product.  With hand disgorging, none of the yeast is left in the bottle.  All the bottles in the cellar will undergo this treatment to ensure that quality is consistent. They also age their cavas for longer than required by the regulator the belief here is the wine requires longer in bottle then regulated for to reach the perfect balance between fruit, flavour and acidity, thus providing the wine with depth and structure.

The resulting Cava is clean crisp with a nice yeasty note. A bright lemon color. Mid-sized bubbles, elegant and lasting. Strong aroma, fresh, flowery with green apples and citrus fruits.. Full in mouth, creamy, a touch of fresh yeasty sweetness with a good balance and a lovely citrus finish.