So again another while has passed before (nearly a year an a half oops, but we had some really interesting things to say in the mean time right? Right?), sorry bout that! Anyhow we go back to our Give It a Go series.  But today we focus on Zinfandel/Primitivo a grape that we really enjoy but rarely gets a look in bar the Californian and southern Italian aficionados.
It took DNA fingerprinting in the 1990s to prove that Zinfandel and Primitivo from Puglia in Italy were one in the same, yes CSI of grape world have solved another case.  The grape has adapted to it new home in California and under its new name Zinfandel, has developed a different personality the Californian tends to big, brash with plenty of unrestrained ripe sweet red fruit flavour and a touch of spice. While his Italian brother tends to be earthier with more plummy and cherry notes and Mediterranean spice notes. Both are clearly products of their environments.
Anywho, back to the post we think you should give Zinfandel and Primitivo a go. Why not try Rivera’s ‘Triusco’ Primitivo. In the local dialect, Triusco refers to a red wine that is ‘exceptional, full-bodied, and mouthfilling.’ It is a wine that personifies the happy fusion of big bold fruit and depth of flavour, with a classy old world elegance.