Always try an emphasizes the positive, that’s what my mammy always says! It’s a great way to live life but on these long quiet January Mondays and Tuesdays its hard to put into practice, there is only so much dusting or re-organising you can do. But every now and then something great happens some one with a cheery out look crosses you path. Today was one of those days a young couple came into the shop today who had never tried wine before besides the odd glass in a restaurant or at a dinner party. They were looking for advice on where to start their new wine Odyssey. What to start with and where to go, essentially looking for a road map of what to do, asking us for a proverbial Route 66 of wine. We were only to glad to help. Here are 4 basic pointers when it comes to selecting wine we can all follow.

1) Ignore the Critics Score, read the tasting note instead or ask the staff what the wine is like. Unless you have had wines rated by a specific critic and find you enjoy the same style of wine as he/she does these scores can be misleading, in the sense that the critic likes this style and will score it well.

2) Trust the staff they are there to help you. They want you going away satisfied, and will do their best to point you in the right direction. In Many cases the staff will have tried a lot if not all the wines in the store and will have a good working knowledge to point you where you need to go.

3) Trust yourself. This can be the hardest of all, if you don’t like  a wine that doesn’t mean that there is a) something wrong with you! or b) that there is something wrong with the wine. We all have different likes and dislikes, wine is no different, you might love the €12 bottle of Valpolicella you got last week, but be less keen on the heavier, more expensive Ripasso you got this week, neither you nor the wine is at fault it is simple human nature to prefer one over the other. As time goes on you will notice your likes changing the wine you loved last month might not do it for you anymore and you find your self drinking something different. WHEN IT COMES TO WINE ONLY THE SNOB THINKS HE IS RIGHT AND EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG!

4) Nearly as important as all the others put together EXPERIMENT, there are a plenty of different styles of wines out there. No two Valpolicellas from different producers are the same, likewise no two Aussie Shirazs are the same, the may contain similarities but the will never be the same. Wine is an easy way to try something new every week!