The idea of bringing a typically “northern” vine, such as Chardonnay, into Apulia, represented a great wine making challenge for Rivera. The transfer required long years of experimentation; first in the vineyard, researching the correct stock and the most appropriate training system, and then, once the vine was acclimatised, in the wine cellar, to identify the right time to harvest and the most suitable system of winemaking. The results were certainly positive, thanks to the fact that on the hills of the Castel del Monte DOC area,  the Chardonnay vine has found a habitat which fosters its complete, correct maturation, exalting the variety character. The wine that has resulted, the Preludio n°1, is one of the most prestigious Chardonnays from southern Italy.

This and the Barale Chardonnay, also from Italy are two of my favourite examples of this much insulted and slighted grape but boy  does this wine do a lot to change a chardonnay haters mind.  Straw yellow colour with fragrances of fruit salad, citrus, pineapple and apple aromas. Clean and fresh with a  full and fruity palate, with good balance. Try it with, classic pasta dishes, as well fish and poultry.

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