Wednesday was the start of Spring, time to shake out the cobwebs, start cleaning out the house, recycle the last of the bits and bobs lying around since Christmas and admire the bright daffodils growing in the garden. But spring is also a great time to get back into wine after a long January, February offers us a short month to get everything back on track before the Easter break.

We would suggest now is the time to be adventurous in your wine consumption take risks even try that bottle of wine you’ve long ignored even though it calls to you. Now it is on offer or on sale it is your best chance to sample it. Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Bonarda or what ever we say try those wines, I mean whats to stop you.  Take the Springfield ‘Whole Berry’ Cabernet Sauvignon, this is a wine I have long ignored until I tried it over the Christmas period and was absolutely blown away by its deep rich flavours and silky mouthfeel. (And the name conveniently suits with the time of year :-))

The wine gets it’s name from the method of production, back in the mists of time, the grape growers harvested by hand and carried the grapes to large fermenting thanks where the uncrushed grapes or whole berries were fermented into wine. Springfield’s ‘Whole Berry’ Cabernet is made in such a way. The cellar is designed with this in mind and everything is gravity fed so no pumps or crushers are used, leaving the Whole Berry for fermentation.