Murray, what a legend

New Zealand is a land like no other. New Zealand wine is an experience like no other. Their special combination of soil, climate and water,  innovative pioneering spirit and  commitment to quality all come together to deliver pure, intense and diverse experiences. In every glass of New Zealand Wine is a world of pure discovery.  Today is Waitangi Day in New Zealand and we have 20% OFF all New Zealand wines.

So try their world beating Sauvignon blancs, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is famed for its pungently aromatic green bell pepper, gooseberry & lush passionfruit characters. Styles can vary from this traditional style to those showing fresh-cut grass, melons & lime. The Marlborough region represents 80% of all plantings, whereas the more southerly styles show crisper, lighter more vibrant styles.

But they also do excellent Chardonnay and Riesling. NZ Chardonnay is mouth-filling, with concentrated citrus & tropical fruit, balanced by crisp acidity & refined minerality. The warmer NZ regions typically yield full to medium bodied wines with round, rich flavours, whilst the cooler South Island regions tend to produce medium to light bodied styles with greater acidity, minerality & fresh citrus flavours. NZ Riesling offers a great alternative to German Mosel Rieslings. NZ Riesling ranges from bone dry & steely to luscious & sweet. Most lean towards an off-dry style with artfully balanced zesty citrus & lime. Young wines often show the fragrant aromas of apple, citrus, lemon & tropical fruit. With age, toasted honey & sometimes kerosene characters can develop. The cooler South Island produces the majority of Riesling.

For red lovers we have Pinot Noir. New Zealand Pinot Noir shows the fine tannins and elegance of good Burgundy with the added excitement of vibrant, intense fruit and secondary herbal, spice and game characters. Distinct regional styles are beginning to emerge from New Zealand. The Wairarapa wines are full-bodied and dense with rich dark plum and chocolate flavours. Marlborough and Nelson show complex, tight structure with bright cherry flavours. Waipara Pinot Noir shows hints of pepper and spice.