Ever want to own a wine that you had to keep awhile before it was ready to drink at its best? Well if the answer is yes read on, if not, there are plenty of great wines out there for you. We have recently gotten our hands on some red burgundy from the excellent 2009 vintage these wines have been described as”sexy”, “charming” and “graceful”. All these are true – 2009 is an abundant,  crowd-pleasing  vintage for early- to medium-term drinking with plenty of delicious  chardonnay and seductive pinot noir. Winemaker Pierre    Vincent of Domaine de la Vougeraie has said for him 2009 was the best vintage since he started work, with the Domaine. We have some of their top wines on promotion at the moment a limited parcel of wine at 20% OFF.

The Domaine de La Vougeraie was created from the union of several  estates acquired over the years together with the Boisset family’s first  vineyards, all brought under a single banner as the symbol of a single  philosophy: A certain idea of excellence. With nearly 40 hectares of vineyard in 30 different appellations, including six grand crus, this is one of Burgundy’s leading domaines. The premier and grand cru vineyards are all farmed biodynamically with carefully limited yields.  The cellar is decked out with new or renovated wooden  fermentation vats, a state of the art sorting table and a new model of  the old fashioned vertical press which is thought to be the best option  for red wines.

Check out the wines on offer here.