Once upon a time, in a little town called Apple Tree Flat, there lived a humble winemaker. All over the world people toasted his wines, he had a Shiraz, a Merlot and Semillon Sauvignon. And even though they have never been there people keep returning to Apple Tree Flat. The End. So says the back label of the Logan Apple Tree Flat wines and we total agree the Sem/Sauv. has a lovely nose of lime and guava with a lovely crisp finish. The Merlot which is our favourite label the humble winemaker and his tractor has aromas of violets and mixed berries with blueberry and spice flavours. And the Shiraz has deep dark cheery and plum notes with flavours of dark cherry in the mouth. Each wine will leave you wanting more and more and returning time and again to Apple Tree Flat!!  Fin.