Fizz up your Easter with IL!!

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The Easter holidays are upon us, well at least for the kids – but why note add a bit of fizz to your Easter break. We have the fantastic Il sparkling range from Mionetto on offer @ €10 bottle. these super stylish wines in their trendy bottles not only look great but taste great you have a choice of three wines and a Spriz.

First up the classic IL Prosecco with its aroma is fruity, reminiscent of pear and citrus with a slightly floral bouquet. The wine is fresh and crisp with apparent apple and peach flavors. This gentle-sparkling wine epitomizes the traditional wine maker’s Prosecco.

Secondly there is IL Rosé a well-balanced and fruity gentle-sparkling wine. It has lively notes of cherries and strawberry with a long and dry finish. Its pleasing aroma recalls the romance of roses, raspberries and peaches.

Our Newest arrival  IL Moscato This gentle-sparkling wine is fresh and crisp with a floral bouquet and fruit finish. The gentle effervescence of this distinctive white wine makes it a favorite at celebrations and social gatherings. Perfect for parties! Only 7% and with a nice touch of sweetness.

Finally we have the Il Spr!z Pour over ice add a slice of orange and an olive and feel like you’re in Italy!Following the idea of the typical “Spriz”of Veneto tradition, “IL Spr!z” fresh with fragrant notes of apple and exotic fruit. The semi-sparkling combination with that of sweet orange and the agreeable bitterness of citrus fruit and selected herbs makes for a great drink.


Changing our Stripes.

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Christian busy brushing up on Woodberrys 😉

Summer Time is here and so is the Sunshine

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The Summertime has come, and if like me this event went unnoticed until 11.00 on Sunday Morning when I sat down to watch the Sunday Brunch on C4 and realised i was half way through the show, then the sunshine we have had for the past two days might give you a bit of a clue. Normally this time of year the weather does improve and we get our strech in the evenings but the weather has improve some much we decided we would do a spot of painting, so if your passing by be sure to shout hello at poor Christian our designated painter in residence whose job it is to transform our outward apperance.

But if painting or any other work seems just wrong this weekwith the forecast good weather try one of these sunny midweek wines:

Herencia Altes Garnacha Blanca 2010

Aromatic nose with notes of melon and white fruits. Medium Bodied and  crisp palate with recurring white fruit flavours.

On offer at 2 bottles for €20

Antonutti Friulano 2010

The nose has aromas of lemons, pear and green apple with a minerally note. The palate is clean with zesty green apple flavours and long finish.

On offer at 2 bottles for €20

  Apple Tree Flat Merlot 2010

Aromas of violets and mixed berries with blueberry and spice notes. Full juicy palate of blackbeery and blueberry with a finish leaving you wanting more.

On offer at 2 bottles for €20

Il Poggione ‘Ceretello’ Sangiovese Merlot 2009

Inviting nose of raspberry and blackerry fruit with a touch of peppery spice. The palate is silky and smooth with good balance of berry fruit and velevty tannins.

On offer at 2 bottles for €20

Easter Ahoy!!!

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I love Easter, cos Easter means Easter Sunday dinner, which depending on your family can be anything from fresh Spring Lamb to Turkey and ham to baked Salmon. Below are some suggestions we have put together for the Easter dinner and well any time of year you have these treats.

First up for consideration is Easter Lamb probably the most popular of Easter Dishes in Ireland as we are blesses with such wonderful Lamb in this country so it would be a shame to spoil it with the wrong wine. Lamb is quite forgiving in wine choices, but it has to be Red and for our money Lamb and Tempranillo the main grape of Spain’s Rioja and Ribera del Duero regions is a marriage made in Heaven. With second place falling to Bordeaux in France and it’s grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec.

Turkey, at Easter tends to be served rather differently from Christmas with a lighter, fruitier stuffing. The veg that accompany it tend to be spring veg like peas, baby carrots and purple sprouting broccoli. But we’d still recommend serving the same style of wines fruit driven and if to you taste lighter in style. Pinot Noir would be our top recommendation here although the more adventurous among you might try a New World Merlot or even a Shiraz! White wines of a bigger and bolder style like Chardonnay and the fruit driven White Grenache would also be worth a punt.

Fish, well it really does depend on the fish you are serving but a fresh Sauvignon Blanc with good acidity or a brisk Albarino from Spain would do the trick for heavier fish like monk or Salmon you could stray into the realm of lighter reds with good acidity like Pinot Noir if served with a tomato sauce or spices.

Easter Deserts go one of two ways, Chocolate or Lemon. With Dark Chocolate deserts try Recioto della Valpolicella, an absolute delight, or a Good Port. For your lemon tart try an nice sparkling Moscato D’Asti or a desert wine like a Botrytis Riesling or Viognier.

Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Friulano make a great partners with spring vegetables in dishes like spring vegetable risotto or pasta primavera, with crab and prawns, light fish like grilled sea-bass and with dishes that contain goats’ cheese. Both Pinot Grigio and Friulano make wonderful aperitifs also.

Check out our Easter Specials here.

And Now For Something different……………

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The Greenhough Gewurztraminer 2008 fits the bill, its something different…initiall lush, fragrant rose petal aromas with underlying complexities of vanilla, tropical fruit and a hint of creaminess. The palate has a soft, luscious entry. There are notes of honey, stone fruits and savoury/brioche.Gently spicy, gingery notes contribute a subtly vibrant aspect. The mouthfeel is rich with a seemless texture which travels throughout the palate. Extra time on yeast lees has undoubtedly created great natural suppleness and balance to the wine, subduing some of the more overt characters and firmness that the variety can sometimes show. This is our go to wine when asked for something different and we figured we’d give it a bit of a push this as we have it on offer for 2 bottles for €30. This is one of the few wines we have yet to hear someone tell us they don’t like it so it’s well worth a punt if you’re looking for something different @€15.00. Try with asian food and it’s one of the few wines we would suggest with Indian food.

Beannachtaí Lá Fhéile Pádraig

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Fíon agus Gaeilge II

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Mar a duras sa chead blog ar an Luain táimid ag iarradh beagáin Gaeilge a thabairt isteach inár saol i rith seachtain na Gaeilge. I gcomhair an an blog inniu chasaimid go dtí an Aifric Theas agus comhlacht darbh ainm ‘Waterford Estate’, lonaithe i Stellenbosch, tá an fíonghort seo ag cruthú sárfhíon ón Aifric Theas mar shampla Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chardonnay agus Sauvignon Blanc. Dar liom féin is é an Chardonnay an fíon ab fhearr a mbaineann leo. Is fíon den fíonchaora Chardonnay óna bhfíonghort féin a úsaidtear leis an fíon seo a cruthú. Tá dath geal dath tuí ar an bhfíon. Leideanna de vanilla ón am i mbaille darach comh mhaith le boladh breochloiche ar an srón. Tá an pailéad balasta le notaí líomóíde agus torthaí trópaiceach. Tá críoch fada agus glan le notaí mianraí.

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