As you all know St.Patricks day is occurring this weekend, and while we all love to celebrate our national day bear in mind that this Sunday is Mothers Day. So now is the time to plan ahead for the busy weekend and decide on a gift that would really suit, sure a voucher to do the house work for a month would be appreciated and it’s intentions would be good but we all know after about three or four days you will 1) get bored with all the behind the scenes work mammys do for no thanks and quit 2) get so frustrated at the LACK of thanks and quit or 3) be deemed wholly awful at said chores by the mammy and relived of the chores and see a return to the status quo!

We would like to suggest you do something special for the long-suffering mammys out there find out what she really wants and if you can’t discover this well there is always a nice bottle of wine that she can enjoy after a long week of looking after the kids and the big child that calls himself dad!! Here are some of our top selections for mother’s day:

1) Greenhough Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Racey and fresh Sauvignon with delightful tropical and citrus fruit flavours and aromas.

2)Closerie Des Alisiers Chablis 2010

Clean and crisp Chablis with minerally citrus fruits and a steely finish.

3) Mionetto Sergio Rosé N.V.

Aromas of rose petals and cherries. Lovely clean bubbles and long fresh and lingering finish

4) Logan Weemala Pinot Gris 2011

Pear, mandarin and honeysuckle nose. rich and vibrant mouthfeel with lovely orchard fruit finish.

5) Hazana Rioja Reserva 2004

Aromas of deep red berries, vanilla and a hint of spice. Round tannins on a long fruit driven finish with nicely integrated oak.

6)  Ferme St. Antonin Cotes Du Rhone ‘Plain de Dieu’ 2009

Bolder style of cote du Rhone with dark plummy fruits on the nose with hints of spice rack and rounded concentrated fruit palate.

7)Il Poggione Rosso Di Montalcino 2009

Elegant and inviting nose with autumnal berries. the palate is smooth and balanced with recurring red and black berry flavours.

8) O’Leary Walker Shiraz-Viognier 2006

perfumed nose of spice, crushed flowers and red fruits. Soft and silky on the palate a wine of great elegance and power.