The Summertime has come, and if like me this event went unnoticed until 11.00 on Sunday Morning when I sat down to watch the Sunday Brunch on C4 and realised i was half way through the show, then the sunshine we have had for the past two days might give you a bit of a clue. Normally this time of year the weather does improve and we get our strech in the evenings but the weather has improve some much we decided we would do a spot of painting, so if your passing by be sure to shout hello at poor Christian our designated painter in residence whose job it is to transform our outward apperance.

But if painting or any other work seems just wrong this weekwith the forecast good weather try one of these sunny midweek wines:

Herencia Altes Garnacha Blanca 2010

Aromatic nose with notes of melon and white fruits. Medium Bodied and  crisp palate with recurring white fruit flavours.

On offer at 2 bottles for €20

Antonutti Friulano 2010

The nose has aromas of lemons, pear and green apple with a minerally note. The palate is clean with zesty green apple flavours and long finish.

On offer at 2 bottles for €20

  Apple Tree Flat Merlot 2010

Aromas of violets and mixed berries with blueberry and spice notes. Full juicy palate of blackbeery and blueberry with a finish leaving you wanting more.

On offer at 2 bottles for €20

Il Poggione ‘Ceretello’ Sangiovese Merlot 2009

Inviting nose of raspberry and blackerry fruit with a touch of peppery spice. The palate is silky and smooth with good balance of berry fruit and velevty tannins.

On offer at 2 bottles for €20