With Good Friday Fast approaching we here our recommendations for your fishy friday we’ve chosen a wine to go with some of the traditional dishes served on Good Friday, don’t get caught like the sharks above trying to figure out what goes with what fish!

First up the very traditional and very very simple to prepare fish supper, essential this involves walking into ones nearby chipper and asking for a fish supper, or simply some fish and chips! Seeing as this one is a bit greasy we would recommend something with a bite of citrus acidity, tops for me is a nice crisp Chablis or a zesty Aussie Riesling.

Next up something a bit more complex, a good old-fashioned fish pie (the link to Galway Bay Seafoods Salmon pie). For this one would need a richer wine with more body like  a good oaked chardonnay or rich spanish Albarino.

Finally something a bit more traditional baked or pan-fried Trout, zesty Sauvignon Blanc from Loire or New Zealand or crisp spanish whites from Rueda.