Today is the 2nd annual world Malbec day and in honour of this, we said we’d do a blog in his honour!! Mr. Mal Bec was born in the Bordeaux  region of south-west France we believe. He has numerous alias such as Cot and Auxerrois amongst others. He appears to have left home early and moved to Cahors where he set himself up as a big tannic and rich full-bodied fella with scents of damson and tobacco leaf and flavours of lush rich dark fruits. He has holidayed briefly in Loire but finds the weather is not hot enough that far north for his tastes. So in search of warmer climes he ventured forth from Bordeaux to the New World, with eyes set firmly on Mendoza in Argentina where he landed in 1852.

Here he has found the warmth and altitude he could not find in his home Country so much so that many people actually believe he is Argentinian. Here in his adopted home he has sweet scents of violets, damsons, spices with a lovely deep purple colour, softer tannins than at home, more of velvety mouth feel and wonderful flavours of damsons, black cherry, black currant and some times hints of spices and mocha.

So let us celebrate this wonderful world traversing wine and raise a glass of Malbec today (preferably with a nice steak).