Did you know that today is Albariño Day? No, well i didn’t either until a customer told me about 10 minutes ago, and thankfully he did we’ve been suffering from neglecticus bloggus of late, apologies  to all our 5 fans (especially you mam). But apparently it has been organised by a US marketing company, but unlike Grenache day and Malbec day this appears to be a US only initiative, and even at that its only a few Bodegas (surprisingly represented by this company that are partaking in it. Personally I think all the Bodegas in Rias Biaxas (Albariño’s home area) should organise it for next year, maybe when they hold their traditional Albariño fiesta in August? They could invite us all to try the wonderful white wine of Spain on that day!

How to Participate in Albariño Day?

It’s easy! Open a bottle of cool, crisp Albariño and share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. What do you love most about Albariño?  Albarino Day is all about spreading the love and also learning (or trying) something new.

So anyone in that wishes me a Happy Albariño Day gets 20% of any Albariño purchased!