At woodberrys we love sparkling wine and we really love our prosecco. Thankful the sunshine has arrived now so we can un-cork a few bottles of this wonderful refreshing wine and enjoy with friends in the sun.

Up until the 1960s, Prosecco sparkling wine was generally rather sweet and barely distinguishable from the Moscato D’asti wine produced in Piedmont. But recently production techniques have improved, leading to the high-quality dry wines like the ones we get today. Also in recent years Prosecco has been awarded its own DOCs and DOCGs meaning that it can only be produced in a specific area of Italy around the city of Treviso.  Like Champagne Prosecco can now only be produced in one area.

The wine itself is quite different from Champagne, this is down to different production methods used.  Prosecco is  almost always made by the Charmat, or ‘tank method’, where secondary fermentation is not in individual bottles a la Champagne, but in large steel tanks known as autoclaves, which keep the wine under pressure. The idea is to capture the fresh fruitiness of the Glera (Prosecco )grape, and not to aim for the yeasty character of Champagne.  Prosecco can be either Spumante, or Frizzante, the former fully sparkling, and Frizzante a semi sparkling style for easy drinking.

Also there is one special Prosecco terroir within the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene zone that is a separate ‘Cru’ and allowed to put its own name on the label: the hill of Cartizze. Renowned throughout the region, the 107 hectares of Cartizze are divided amongst 140 small growers, and its quality and rarity has made it one of the world’s most expensive bits of vineyard real estate, with a hectare costing one million euros or more.

Now with all that said here’s a brief list of our Prosecco:

  • Il Prosecco                              Normally €12.95 Now €10 a bottle
  • Mionetto Prosecco Brut            Normally €17.95 Now €15 a bottle
  • Mionetto Sergio Spumante               €19.95 a bottle
  • Mionetto Cartizze DOCG Spumante      €29.95 a bottle