It has crept up on us again fathers day, now that we have a few days to go before the big day its time to consider the present, now we all know dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, it seems they have everything and don’t want anything and it is this type of thinking that leads us to the dreaded socks or tie debate and the eventual purchase of a pair of slippers because last years pair are getting a bit old and tatty by now. Well if like me your going for something new this year let me suggest an Ipod, I know a strange gift for the dads out there but they do like gadgets, they have been known to appreciate music some of them even enjoy good music!

Failing that another good fall back or socks filler is that bottle of wine he’s been eying up lately possible dropping a few hints about how he’d like it for a special occasion, well whats more special than celebrating your dad! So this year forget the scratchies, socks and ties and get him something he really wants. After all  you don’t like when you get them why should your dad!