Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria founded the monastery Kremsmünster in the Wachau in the 8th century. It was in this monastery that the famed Tassilo Chalice was created.

Since the vintage 2009 the Müller family has cultivated the 10 ha vineyard adjoining the monastery. These vineyards are part of the monastery Kremsmünster estate which was founded in 777 AD by Bavarian Duke Tassilo III. The same soil has nurtured vines since 893 AD, thus producing the grapes so unique to the area. The Tassilo Cup, being one of the most valuable pieces of the nearby monastery’s art collection, was chosen as the center piece on the label for the new wines from this region. From this site, over a thousand years old, come the characteristically fruitful vintages called the Tassilo Wines.

The grapes come from vineyards in the Alte Point area, this area is located in the eastern part of the Wachau Valley on the edge of Mautern. The warm climate in this basin-promotes the full ripening of the grapes. The Gruner Veltiner here gets its minerality from the weathered rocks that run through the entire basin floor and in the background is the hot gravels of the old Danube riverbed.

Tassilo Gruner Veltiner Alte Point 2011
The wine is bright green-yellow  in colour, the nose is very beautiful with delicate floral aromas. Finely textured on the palate, juicy and elegant, good refreshing flavours of  tender green apple on the finish with a touch of a spice.