Apologies for the lack of activity over the last couple of weeks I have been ill and then on Holidays neither connected to the other, thankfully. But as a result I have neglected my blogging duties so much so that i got a text from my mam asking if I was ok. Anyhow back to the job at hand while on holiday i had the good fortune to try some of Germany’s great wines between Riesling in its many forms and other exciting whites but the best wine I tried believe it or not was a GrauBurgunder or Pinot Grigio, that’s not available in Ireland so I wont bore you any longer with tales of my holidays but move onto something very random, that happened today.

We have for a while stocked Seppeltsfield’s 1989 Para which is one of Australia’s most iconic fortified wines, but it is a rare sale we have of this great wine so when 3 customers after each other walk in and buy 3 bottles you start to wonder was it reviewed somewhere or what the hell is going on, well turns out the second and third are customers from the US and Australia where the 1989 has sold out and cannot begotten much to their disappointment. Luckily they found us!

Located in the historical hamlet of Seppeltsfield in the Barossa Valley, Seppeltsfield Winery is distinguished by its Palm Avenue – a tribute from Depression era employees who planted the roadways of Seppeltsfield with over 2000 date palm trees. The winery itself is a heritage building and the vineyard comprises approximately 100 hectares. Seppeltsfield has a gravity fed winery and a modern winery. The gravity fed winery was designed and built by Benno Seppelt in the 1890s and utilises aspects of the Portuguese solera system to channel and move wines. In 2007 Seppeltsfield was purchased by The Seppeltsfield Estate Trust which includes shareholders from Kilikanoon winery. James Godfery is the specialist fortified winemaker, a deeply skilled practitioner of fortified winemaking – Seppeltsfield fortified wine stocks date back to 1878, one of the most extensive collections of vintage wine in the world, and has as recently as February of this year released wine produced in 1912!!!

In 1953 the first vintage-dated ‘Para Liqueur Port’, the 1922, was
released in its distinctively shaped bottle.This Para Liqueur 21 Year Old Vintage Tawny is made entirely from a single vintage. Its style is a reflection of the weather and growing conditions through the summer and during the harvest of that year – the expression of a year long gone preserved for enjoyment.

1989 Para 21 Year Old Vintage Tawny

Amber with golden hues. The wine has a fresh aroma with nutty notes, butter biscuits and treacle. Subtle orange blossom and brown spice notes support the integrated, floral spirit to present a vibrant and lifted aroma. A fine, elegant example of the liqueur tawny port style. This wine has a creamy palate with lovely balance and a terrific clean finish. Try with your best deserts and cheese boards.