We love you. I had planned on posting this blog later in the month on the 30th of January to be exact as that is the day set aside as international Friulano day, but the wine is just so good I had to let you guys out there know about it. First a little bit of History Friulano was known as Tocai Friulano or simply Tocai until a few years ago when the EU decided there could be only one wine called Tocai/Tokji and this lovely grape lost out to the Tokaji region in Hungary. It appears to be the same as Sauvignon vert (Sauvingonasse), which is cultivated in Chile but quite rare in France.

Friulano produces a wine that is yellow and straw-yellow in colour with greenish hints. Delicate, pleasant aroma, dry, fresh, softy, and velvety, typically with a slightly bitter note of almond and citrus.  We like to think of it as classy Pinot Grigio!

As you’d expect with a name like Friulano, it is grown widely around Udine, in the Province of Friuli. You can find out more about this lovely grape and even sample some this day next week when Lino and Nicola from Casa Antonutti will be in the shop tasting their range of wines, including a beautiful Friulano.