Yesterday was International Zweigelt Day, again we missed the day they all appear to be on Sundays! A relative new arrival on the scene Zweigelt was developed by Fritz Zweigelt in 1922, It is a crossing of Blaufrankisch and St. Laurent, two grape varieties found in Austria, where Zweigelt is now the most planted red grape variety. It has a relatively short growing season as it buds late and ripens early making it suitable for growing in cooler climates, and mostly avoiding the bad weather. It produces high yields so is often treated with less respect than it deserves. But when treated with care it can produce wonderful wines capable of medium term cellaring.

The most common style of Zweigelt is a bright cherry fruit driven reds similar to Bardolino, which are great for sipping. But when a bit of oak attention is paid to it, it can produce deep concentrated richer reds with deep cherry and red berry fruit flavours and a lovely spicy/peppery note. We have two excellent Zweiglets in the shop, both from our good friends a Weingut Muller, the fresh and fruity Zweigelt selection and the bolder and more complex Zweigelt Reserve