Domaine Gris des Bauries was created in 2004 by a highly reputed mason named Patrick who was in love with both Gina – the daughter of a baker – and vines. The baker had given up his oven for a vineyard and when he retired, he passed it along to Patrick. Luckily, Patrick had learned from his father, a wine grower, how to truly respect vines. In fact, he always dreamed of growing vines himself and was convinced that winemaking was in his genes.

The vineyard is located in Taulignan, in the rolling hills east of the Rhône Valley, the northernmost area where Southern Rhônes are grown. The state spans 12 hectares. Vines are 20 years of age on average, and are always handled with meticulous and passionate care. The soil is carefully tilled, and grapes are selectively thinned in the spring to give the top of the crop all the attention and nutrients it deserves. Harvesting takes place as late in the season as is possible, considerably later than other producers in the area. By allowing excellent drainage, the mix of limestone and clay in the ground provides the wines with good concentration and a high minerality.

The two main varietals of Domaine des Gris des Bauries are typical of the area: grenache and syrah. Grenache grapes provide distinction and charm, with strawberry and cherry aromas; the nearby garrigues, planted with lavender and thyme, probably account for the light herbal scents also found in grenache casks. Syrah grapes bring color, structure and flavours reminiscent of violets and licorice as well as a peppery touch.

We have 3 delightful reds from this quaint producer:

Sous les Cyprès (Cotes du Rhone Villages)  a blend of grenache and syrah, is aged in oak barrels to develop a velvety intensity.

Serre de la Dame (Cotes du Rhone) is exclusively made of syrah grapes. A rather deep red wine, it combines fruitiness, mostly blackberries with leather scents and a touch of pepper.

Les Chaix (Cotes du Rhone) is made from old grenache grapes, which grow on a plateau that gently slopes southward. Our aim is to produce a delicate wine, one that reveals the subtleness of the noblest of southern varietals.