Historic Sevenhill Cellars is the oldest winery in South Australia’s Clare Valley. Sevenhill was established in 1851 when Jesuit priests who settled in the area planted vines to produce sacramental wine. The old stone winery and cellar door at Sevenhill is the only remaining Jesuit owned winery in Australia. The Jesuits and lay staff share a common ethos of building the Jesuit Mission to support works of charity and compassion throughout Australia.

While the spiritual tradition continues (as does the production of alter wine), today Sevenhill is recognized for premium wines and fortified wines. Signature Clare valley styles are made from Riesling and Shiraz. Sevenhill is committed to creating distinctive wines that reflect the local terroir. Integral to this philosophy are modern winemaking techniques and highly prized, estate grown fruit from some of the Valley’s oldest vines. The benefits of owning and managing the vineyards from which all wines are made cannot be underestimated.

st francisSevenhill wines are easily recognizable by a strong link to the Jesuit heritage. They offer a diversity of style and pricing that suits a broad spectrum of wine enthusiasts. We are currently stocking the Inigo Shiraz 2010, St. Ignatius and in honour of our new Pope, the St. Francis Xavier Riesling 2012. The 2012 St Francis Xavier Single-Vineyard Riesling is produced using fruit fromSevenhill’s Weikert Vineyard, one of Sevenhill’s seven Riesling vineyards. This small vineyard(0.82ha) was planted in 1978 and has been recognised for consistently producing fruit to meet the premium requirements of the St Aloysius Riesling, which is normally released after at least three years in the bottle. The 2012 St Francis Xavier is a wonderful expression of pristine Riesling, coming as it does from a vintage widely regarded as one of the best in the past decade in the Clare Valley. The St Francis Xavier Riesling exemplifies the variety’s great purity and elegance with its floral style and delicate citrus character. ( The wine is named for St Francis Xavier, one of the first companions of the Jesuits’ founder, St Ignatius. )