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Paul Vattan SancerreSancerre. It just rolls of the tongue, it sounds so much more interesting than Sauvignon Blanc, it evokes images of elegance and sophistication. It just sounds well – like it should be the name of the sultry seductive feminine anti-hero who hired our 1940s  film noir Private Eye to protect her from her mobster ex boyfriend. But I digress.

We recently received delivery of the very excellent Paul Vattan Sancerre. Paul Vattan began making wine in 1986. The vineyard is located in the small village Maimbray in Sancerre, which is known for its steep hills and dense clay / limestone soil, which gives great body, mineral notes, roundness and length to the wine. Vattan produces two types of white Sancerre, his “Pente the Maimbray” is taken from a 6-acre parcel of vines around 20 years from clay-limestone soil and his “Grande Cuvée” which comes from a small one hectare parcel . The vines are over 40 years and are planted in limestone.

The ‘Pente de Maimbray’ 2011 is light golden appearance. On the nose, this wine is reminiscent of lemon and split Acacia wood and chalky mineral notes. On the palate, it is firm, quite full, and lasting on the finish with a hint of lime. A Sancerre like it should be! Currently on promotion in our ‘Wall of Sauvignon’ at €19.95 (Normally €23.95)