Ok our super fun Grape of the Day Calendar tells us today 15th of August is Glera day. Haven’t heard of it well neither had we until a few years back but chances are you’ve had it in one form or another particularly if you enjoy Italian bubbles. This Glera grape is none other than the Prosecco grape!  Prosecco was traditionally used as the name for both the grape variety and bubbly wine made from it.

But in 2009 when Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene region was upgraded to DOCG status and the surrounding area was bumped up to the new Prosecco DOC (Including Treviso), a problem arose – the fact that the grape and the area had the same name ment some one not in the DOC could still label his wine Prosecco Legally. Uh oh spaghetti oh as my nephew would say. A solution was sought and they decided that the best way to do this was to dust of an old name for the Prosecco grape i.e GLERA.  

Next time you follow our mighty Provinces to an away game in Italy don’t forget to try the local Glera, but remember only in the area around the beautiful town of Treviso is it allowed to be labelled as Prosecco!